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NIT delivers "great spaces" for AIDAperla

AIDA Cruises took delivery of the second unit of its new ship generation when the 124,500 gross ton cruise ship, AIDAperla, was delivered by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) in April. NIT built a total of over 10,000 m2 of versatile technical and interior spaces around the ship. The NIT team delivered the SPA area, main passenger staircases, crew staircases, and AC rooms.

"We are glad to have supported in the AIDAperla project. We gave our strong support in the various projects and all our areas were delivered successfully. When speaking about the details of our crew area projects, we finalized our AC rooms’ project in December, one month earlier than scheduled. Our crew stair project included stairs all around the ship, crossing several decks," says Jari Suominen, CEO of NIT.

"In our passenger area projects, our SPA area covered 2048 m2 of indoor area and 770 m2 of outdoor area. We also delivered the main passenger staircases. This included five separate staircases, some of those reaching from deck three all to way to deck 15. Staircases are one of the most challenging areas of the ship to construct as a lot of technical systems must be fitted into narrow spaces behind the wall surfaces. Staircases cross several decks and in the shipbuilding project the staircases work as a passageway for the workers."

AIDAperla’s capacity is up to 3300 passengers and 900 crew members. She can reach 21.5 knots maximum speed. Starting from 1st of July AIDAperla has been sailing in the Western Mediterranean.