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Adonis integrates personnel manager to Seagull training system 

Norwegian software house Adonis, which specialises in Human Resource solutions for the global maritime industry, provided in a recent release of their flagship system, Adonis Personnel Manager, a full, seamless integration to Seagull, one of the leading computer based training systems for the maritime industry.

A limited bridge from Adonis to the Seagull server has been available for some time, allowing a user to access the seafarer's Seagull STA. The new module, however, provides full download of all crew members Seagull records into the Adonis Database, where they will form a completely integrated part of the crew's competence profile.

"Having fully updated Seagull records at hand in Adonis at any times allows a customer to include Seagull training as part of the Position requirements profile," says Erick Meijer, Product Director at Adonis AS.

This means that during the planning phase, requirements for specific Seagull training in various positions will be part of the competence matrix and notification process regarding missing and expiring documents.

The complete integration also opens for utilizing Seagull data in reports, views, queries and analyzes, separately or in combination with other records of a person's competence profile. The Seagull Interface is available for existing customers as a separate, add-on module.