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Galley equipment makers Hobart and Elro join forces

Galley equipment makers Hobart and Elro join forces so that the Hobart marine team, mainly known as world market leader for its equipment, solutions and programmes in warewash onboard cruise ships – will collaborate with Elro, the companies said in a joint statement.

Elro is a recognised manufacturer of cooking equipment and enjoys an equally strong reputation in the cruise industry as well. Both strong brands have been part of the ITW Food Equipment Group, which facilitates their ability to now offer a coordinated approach with a single face to the customer for sales activities, while continuing to support project management, after sales and service within their own structures.

Elro will benefit by utilising the Hobart Global Marine worldwide organization, such as service team and parts supply chain solutions, to address the various needs of the cruise industry. Together the two manufacturers supply to almost 100 % of cruise industry operators – a very significant customer base.

Dennis Firchau, Hobart Business Unit Manager Global Marine and longterm expert in the cruise business is looking forward to his additional responsibility for Elro.

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