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Scandlines applies APATEQ’s scrub water treatment system in Gedser, Denmark

Scandlines uses a brand new scrub water treatment system, produced by the Luxembourg-based clean-tech company APATEQ. The treatment system MarinePaq cleans scrub water from the ferry’s closed-loop exhaust gas cleaner (scrubber). It produces an effluent according to the most stringent environmental legislation and achieves substantial savings on operation costs and flexibility gains for the fleet.

Scandlines’ two recently launched ferries for the Rostock-Gedser route are driven by Scandlines’ hybrid propulsion system which combines traditional fuel with electric battery power. The hybrid propulsion system optimises consumption by adjusting the engine output. Together with other optimisation initiatives, the fuel consumption has been reduced to almost one-third per crossing per car compared to the former ferries operating the route.

The two new ferries have also both been fitted with an exhaust gas cleaner, a so-called closed-loop scrubber. In short, a mixture of water and sodium carbonate in powder form, which is pumped aboard the ferries, scrubs the exhaust gas. Contaminated water from the scrubber is channelled to an on board separator for purification. When the solution cannot absorb more waste products, the scrub water is pumped into the shore based scrub water treatment system MarinePaq from the Luxembourgish clean- tech company APATEQ.

The system has been installed in two containers stacked one on top of the other at the harbour in Gedser. In a five-step process, the scrub water treatment system cleans the scrub water so effectively, that the cleaned water can be discharged into the harbour according to the most stringent environmental legislation, being substantially beneficial for the environment.

By operating the MarinePaq on shore, Scandlines may save expensive water disposal costs for hauling the scrub water to the nearest industrial wastewater treatment facility. The shipping company is also not dependent on the availability of external water disposal providers, thereby saving time and gaining flexibility. As the scrub water does not need to be treated at centralised wastewater treatment plants anymore, the MarinePaq contributes to a relief of these often overloaded facilities.

The onshore treatment of the MarinePaq also achieves a much higher quality of purification than any other existing scrub water treatment system, such as the ones offered for on board applications. Heavy metals, COD, nitrite, sulphites and nitrates are being reduced to much lower levels than any other solution currently implemented. As a result, Scandlines may count on an infrastructure that is capable of facing toughening and constantly evolving regulations.

Marlink providing record breaking 300 Mbps broadband for MSC Meraviglia

Marlink’s Sealink VSAT is providing an unprecedented over 300 Mbps bandwidth for super-fast maritime broadband during the maiden voyage of MSC Cruises’ first next-generation new mega-ship, MSC Meraviglia. The record breaking bandwidth will meet a predicted spike in demand for this week’s milestone voyage, as guests on the most sophisticated ‘floating town’ in the world share their first-hand experiences and memories on Social Media.

The temporary 300 Mbps is being provided to MSC Cruises in another industry first in conjunction with the coming into service of the Company's newest flagship MSC Meraviglia. It is a further reflection of MSC Cruises’ focus on cutting-edge innovation across the board.

Marlink provides connectivity for MSC Cruises’ entire fleet in an optimised, dedicated ‘cloud of bandwidth’, which facilitates high flexibility for i.e., seasonal usage patterns. Sealink VSAT ensures bandwidth is always available for guests to experience fast, always available access to the Internet and Social Media.

While the record-breaking 300 Mbps is required to ensure that the extra data load of a star-studded, media-packed maiden voyage along the Atlantic coast and into the Mediterranean is more than catered for, the on-going Sealink VSAT service for MSC Meraviglia will continuously deliver an unmatched connectivity experience for over 4500 guests.

Marlink has worked closely with all partners to ensure MSC Meraviglia’s guests enjoy the best maritime broadband possible. Connectivity will be delivered on the Intelsat EpicNG High Throughput Satellite (HTS) network and enabled on board by cutting edge iDirect 9350 modems.

By combining its industry leading satellite capacity planning and access to bandwidth on all major satellite constellations with engineering expertise and an extensive, technology agnostic portfolio of multi-band services and solutions, Marlink is able to provide high bandwidth and flexibility for cruise customers through the global multi-band Sealink network.

“Essentially floating towns, cruise ships are both technologically demanding and bandwidth hungry, so we have taken a pioneering and collaborative approach to meeting the very specific bandwidth needs of this sector. MSC Meraviglia’s maiden voyage is an ideal platform to demonstrate the possibilities of the Sealink network and new HTS services like Intelsat EpicNG, while the regular on-going Sealink service will support guest satisfaction on connectivity across the fleet,” said Tore Morten Olsen, President Maritime, Marlink.

Marlink has provided Sealink VSAT services to MSC Cruises since 2004 and continues to develop its services in line with the changing requirements of cruise companies and guests. In June 2016, MSC Cruises and Marlink enhanced guest connectivity across the fleet with state-of-the-art technology, including use of the Intelsat EpicNG satellites, deployed to meet the growing demand from guests for fast Social Media and web access, in addition to improving work and streaming services.

Trimline completes transformation of TUI Discovery 2

During a six-week refurbishment in Navantia's Cadiz shipyard, marine refurbishment specialist Trimline transformed the interior of Royal Caribbean's Legend of the Seas into Thomson Cruises newest ship TUI Discovery 2, sister ship to TUI Discovery, which Trimline transformed last year.

The 200-strong team refurbished the 1,832-passenger ship in a similar way to TUI Discovery giving it a new contemporary style of interior, with a number of areas being transformed, most notably the Live Room entertainment space, which is the ship’s focal hub.

Previously split into two parts, Trimline created an open space and then the team set about installing new bulkheads, deck heads, raised deck and stage areas, and a custom-built bar. A bespoke acoustic ‘floating’ deck was installed along with sound dampening to reduce noise levels to cabins situated directly below. The final feature was a grand piano on a raised drinks area, painted yellow with a high gloss finish. Trimline fitted contemporary laminate pink and blue design bulkheads with feature ceiling discs and LED lighting, including a programmable system for dimming and changeable colours to suit the requirements of the onboard entertainers.

Other areas that underwent a transformation included 915 cabins and suites, 47° Restaurant, Venue Bar, Photography Studios, Gaming Room, Bar Eleven, Deck 9 stage, Deck 10 bar, alleyways, landings and lobbies.

Trimline Co-Chairman, Michael Oliver commented, “Following the successful completion of TUI Discovery last year we have worked closely with Thomson Cruises to ensure a smooth brand conversion of TUI Discovery 2. I’m very proud of our team. They have done a great job and the ship looks stunning.”

Thomson Cruises’ Director of Operations, Adrian Hibbert remarked “We were delighted to work with Trimline once again. Their commitment and engagement to the TUI Discovery 2 project has resulted in a fantastic ship that our customers are already raving about.”

Wärtsilä and NCLH renew performance based service contract

The Finnish technology group Wärtsilä and US-based cruise operator Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH) have signed a renewal of their existing performance-based service agreement.

“Joint continuous improvement efforts ensure that the engines on board of 10 NCLH cruise ships run at optimum performance levels. Wärtsilä supplies NCLH with maintenance service, carried out together by the two companies to secure the safety, engine reliability and performance of the vessels,” Wärtsilä said in a statement.

The renewed service agreement, signed in May 2017, and relevant to the maintenance of 45 Wärtsilä engines installed on NCLH vessels is tailored to the needs and expectations of NCLH's global operations. The contract extends from scheduled maintenance and spare parts to training programmes and from annual audits to monthly key performance indicator reviews, which measure the performance of Wärtsilä against the jointly set targets.

The contract provides Wärtsilä's Dynamic Maintenance Planning (DMP), so that engine maintenance can be carried out according to actual needs, enabling optimal availability and minimal risk of disruptions. Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) optimises the availability, reliability and performance of Wärtsilä engines on NCLH vessels through the diagnostics of key parameters and on-time decision support.

The contract is part of Wärtsilä's digital portfolio and covers a broad scope of services, including maintenance planning, periodic technical surveys, dedicated technical support and expertise for major overhauls, spare parts supply and workshop services. In addition, Wärtsilä offers NCLH performance guarantees, such as Response Time Guarantee and Quality Guarantee, which ensure that the contractual performance targets are met. The agreement spans over two years, with a renewal option for three additional years.

Wärtsilä continues to provide training to the NCLH crew. The training ensures that the vessels' engines are maintained to the highest standards, and the crew is able to work in full coordination with Wärtsilä's technical team. Overall, the partnership is focused on safe operation of the vessels.


Telenor, SES to provide VSAT and mobile systems for Silversea

Telenor Maritime, the global maritime mobile operator in the Norwegian Telenor group, has teamed up with SES and announced the introduction of the mobile ecosystem onboard Silversea Cruises’ entire fleet.

“Global VSAT services and mobile broadband backhaul, 3G, Wi-Fi and digital services supporting the complete digital value chain vastly enhancing the customer experience, with speeds up to 150Mb/s,” the company said in a statement

“We met their (Silversea’s) requirements through innovation in technology and way of working. SES with their global concept as sole airtime provider across the globe, combined with our mobile background and ability to optimising services end to end over satellite links proved immensely successful,” said Frode Støldal, CEO of Telenor Maritime.

“For the first time, cruise guests can truly use their mobile devices like at home, with no constraints on Apps such as Facebook, YouTube or even Netflix. These capabilities are real game changers,” Frode Støldal continues.