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ABB wins energy management automation package order for TUI newbuilding

ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, recently won an order from STX in Finland to supply a comprehensive automation package and energy management system for a new 99,300 GT cruise vessel currently being built by STX Finland Oy and owned by TUI Cruises. The approximately 295 meters long and 35 meters wide cruise ship will be added to the luxurious cruise fleet owned by TUI Cruises GmbH, a joint venture between German tourism company TUI AG and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

STX Finland, is an experienced shipbuilding company specialized in innovative and ecologically friendly solutions and technologically demanding projects. Its new vessel, highly sophisticated and innovative, is being both designed and constructed by STX Finland and TUI Cruises and is planned to be delivered in the spring of 2014. The ship has 1,250 staterooms and will serve 2,500 passengers with a crew of 1,000. Many environmentally friendly features are present in the vessel, with particular emphasis on energy efficiency.

ABB’s delivery will help the new ship to regulate fuel and power consumption, and provide detailed operational information for all onboard systems to maximize their performance, efficiency and passenger safety and comfort. “Being awarded with this project is a very important milestone in the automation business within ABB Marine business. The project demonstrates the importance of software and digital information as one the key cornerstones in delivering energy efficient solutions”, says Rami Jokela, Head of Vessel Information and Control systems for ABB’s Marine and Cranes business unit. “It underscores ABB’s leadership in the integration of power and automation systems.”

ABB’s scope of supply consists of an integrated vessel management system (VMS), power management and HVAC control systems, emergency shut-down system (ESD) and energy management system. The complete system has approximately 13’000 I/O points and is based on ABB’s flagship 800xA automation platform.

This ship will be first cruise vessel in the world to utilize Ethernet based IEC61850 protocol in switchboard to power management system communication. This scope will be added to the complete electrical and propulsion system, also supplied by ABB, and will start being delivered in the second half of 2013.

ABB’s expanded its portfolio of solutions for Vessel Information and Control systems in 2011; which includes of a broad range of marine advisory and fleet management solutions, integrated automation, vessel management and control systems, and marine instrumentation and sensors, all of which help to optimize vessel operations and performance, improve energy efficiency

Hempel launches high-solids antifoulings offering proven performance and benchmark ROI

At a time when the volatile global economy is hitting shipping hard, Hempel is launching high-solids versions of their Globic, Oceanic and Olympic antifoulings, which offer optimised features and stronger ROI.

The new versions, Globic 9000, Globic 6000, Oceanic+ and Olympic+, have been optimised to offer the benefits of high-solids. Reflecting Hempel's commitment to investment in R&D, they offer optimised binder systems, polishing rates, biocides and solids levels. In addition, they also feature microfibre technology, which works like steel reinforcement in concrete to deliver superior mechanical strength and elasticity.

Furthermore, the new high-solids antifoulings allow shipowners to greatly reduce the environmental impact of their vessels. By delivering powerful protection against fouling, they cut fuel consumption and associated emissions. Plus, their emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are very low.

New antifoulings based on patented technology with a documented record of success

Offering exceptional performance in even the most aggressive waters, Globic 9000 is Hempel's new top-end antifouling. An evolution of Globic NCT, it can be specified for 90-month docking intervals. Globic 6000 is a new product in the Globic series, which builds on the same technology as Globic 9000. It is suitable for 60-month intervals.

Both Globic 9000 and Globic 6000 are designed around patented nano-capsule binder technology, which has consistently been refined by Hempel over the last ten years. Importantly, analysis of indocking vessels using an antifouling based on this technology confirms they show very little evidence of foulingeven after 5 years at sea.

Oceanic+ is a more economical solution for 60-month intervals. It offers dependable performance in most trading waters, and is also available in a special version developed for flat-bottom applications. Olympic+ is an evolution of Olympic, an antifouling with a documented record of strong and reliable performance not overly aggressive fouling waters. It offers improved performance for 36-month service intervals.

According to Torben Rasmussen Group Product Manager at Hempel, the company's new antifoulings offer shipowners security in uncertain times: "We are proud that our new antifoulings offer our customers the confidence that comes with proven performance. All our new products are built on tried-and-tested technology and are developed using our unique method for evaluating and optimizing antifoulings."

Hempel supports launch with new site designed to help customers find the right antifouling for their needs When it comes to choosing an antifouling, every vessel has unique needs that must be considered. Understanding this, Hempel have created a new website at, which allows customers to quickly find the antifoulings that best meet the specific demands of their fleet.

Green Tech Marine's scrubber receives DNV approval

Green Tech Marine’s new compact exhaust gas scrubber recently installed onboard Royal Caribbean International’s Liberty of the Seas, has now received “Statement of Compliance” certificate according to MARPOL’s regulations.

The measurements of exhaust gas emission and wash water criteria has been proved to be well below the required limits stated in the MEPC guideline 184(59).This will ensure the vessel is compliant with the 0,1% sulphur limit in ECAs from 2015.

Green Tech Marine has been working closely together with DNV in order to receive type approval for the GTM R15 under the applicable International Maritime Organization requirements and as representative for the flag state, DNV has now issued a Statement of Compliance.

Beyond the efficient removal of SOx and other particles, the GTM R15 provides a number of advantages over other scrubbers, such as its minimal footprint requirement and low weight. It is also energy efficient, requiring virtually no external chemicals and allowing for installation during operation. 

“We are now one step further in the company’s business concept of being a major actor within energy savings and environmental solutions for the maritime and offshore industries” said Peter Strandberg, Managing Director of Green Tech marine.

Bolidt's smart solution for cruise ship balconies

Bolidt has extended its range of composite decking for cruise ship balconies to offer a new option for owners and shipyards looking to replace conventional teaks where cost is the key constraint.

The Dutch specialist in synthetic products and systems has patented the ‘Smart Balcony’, formed of a series of composite ‘planks’ that can be interlinked and installed to cover a standard balcony in under 15 minutes by just two persons, without any noise, smell or mess. Smart Balcony is offered as an alternative to the liquid-pouring product ‘Future Teak’, whose uptake has seen Bolidt establish a commanding position in strategic cruise shipbuilding markets.

Teak cruise ship balconies are notoriously difficult and costly to service, and liquid-poured techniques using synthetic decking remain a major step forward. However, the Smart Balcony alternative is distinguished by the shorter application time required and thus lower cost when a ship is in drydock. Critically, renovation can also be carried out during a cruise.

Smart Balcony can be installed during a voyage either by a riding squad or by trained crew members. The materials can be carried by two men through the ship and installed while the cabin is unoccupied, for example while the passengers are on a shore visit.

Bolidt Shipbuilding Division Global Director Jacco van Overbeek says: "Balcony renovation is a well-known problem in the cruise sector. Renewing traditional teak balconies is the problem. Liquid poured balconies by Bolidt are still a solid and proven system, but Smart Balcony system is our latest innovation, saving sanding and drying times. We believe that Smart Balcony offers the cruise industry a new alternative to what has been a difficult maintenance problem for many years."

Smart Balcony has been developed in response to requests from a number of cruise lines already using Bolidt decking systems. "Our customers asked us for a product that would reduce installation times and help keep their ships in service longer," says Jacco. "Smart Balcony offers a number of other advantages. For example it is much easier to clean and maintain than liquid systems and the crew can replace any damaged planks themselves in a matter of minutes. Smart Balcony is much harder wearing than traditional systems. It is also designed to meet stringent anti-slip standards, conforming to DIN 51097 and DIN EN 13451."

For a complete vessel refit, Bolidt will deliver a Smart Balcony pack measured to fit each balcony onboard. Jacco says: "We will provide the riding squad with training in advance and offer onboard training to crew members for repairs during a voyage." The standard dimensions of the Smart Balcony sections are 3m x 20mm x 100mm, weighing 1.4kg/m. Bolidt recently carried out a trial installation of Smart Balcony on Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL)’s Norwegian Sun, covering four balconies. Owner feedback has been positive and discussions are underway covering a more extensive project. A trial installation has also been agreed with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (RCCL). Bolidt is evaluating the potential for adapting Smart Balcony for other refit applications, including sun deck terraces on ferries and smaller river cruise deck areas.


Wärtsilä signs long-term service agreement with Princess Cruises

Wärtsilä, the marine industry's leading solutions and services provider, has been awarded a long-term service agreement by global cruise operator Princess Cruise Lines Ltd. The contract covers seven Princess Cruise Lines vessels, each of which is powered by Wärtsilä 46 common-rail engines. In total, the engines represent 270 MW of power.

The broad scope of services covers technical management and logistics support, spare parts for scheduled engine maintenance, workshop services, an on-board technical advisor during major overhauls, annual training of the engine room crew, continuous condition monitoring of equipment and reporting, and bi-monthly technical visits to each vessel.

"This agreement optimises the maintenance schedules for these seven vessels, and provides the customer with technical expertise at a fixed budget price. In particular, Wärtsilä's deep know-how in the field of common-rail technology was a key factor in the award of this contract," says Andy Edwards, Vice President, Strategic Accounts.

Tailor-made agreements with a wider scope of services that extend beyond the traditional standard are increasingly becoming more common in the marine industry. Wärtsilä is an experienced operator, with a proven track record in operation and maintenance services. Globally, more than 16 GW of generating capacity in both marine and land based installations is covered by Wärtsilä's Operations & Maintenance and other service agreements.

Wärtsilä is the market leader in common-rail technology for electronically-controlled low-speed marine engines. This technology provides a high degree of flexibility in engine settings to give lower fuel consumption, very low minimum running speeds, smokeless operation at all running speeds, and outstanding control of exhaust emissions. Furthermore, the integrated redundancy of the engines ensures high reliability.

Wärtsilä Services - the industry's most extensive service network

Wärtsilä Services is one of the three Wärtsilä's businesses alongside Ship Power and Power Plants. Wärtsilä Services offers services to both the global marine and energy markets and operates the most extensive service network in the industry. The company's broad portfolio includes environmental services and solutions, the servicing of engines, propulsion systems, electrical and automation systems and boilers, as well as field services and spare parts. It also covers upgrades and conversions, long-term agreements for engine and propulsion systems, as well as training services. Wärtsilä Services is at the forefront in developing new service concepts to meet customer needs for optimal operational efficiency. Wärtsilä Services operates some 70 fully owned workshops and employs over 11,000 service professionals.