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Wallem opens first hub of expertise in Singapore as it looks to establish strategic maritime locations around the world

Wallem, one of the most diversified services organization in the maritime industry, has opened a new office in Singapore that marks the company's first hub of expertise in the world. Deepak Honawar was appointed Singapore Wallem Managing Director and will head this important new office. He has responsibility for all of Wallem's associated Group companies in Singapore, including Wallem Shipping Singapore and Wallem Ship Management Singapore. He is also accountable, as Wallem's representative, for the joint venture with Nanjing Tanker Corporation, NW Shipmanagement.

The new office illustrates Wallem's strategy to bring its diversified maritime solutions together into single locations to benefit customers where demand is the greatest. Singapore will serve as a hub that provides customers in Singapore and Southeast Asia with access to all of Wallem's maritime solutions and reflects the company's integrated 'Group' approach to servicing clients in Singapore and the surrounding markets.

'The opening of Wallem's new Singapore office marks a significant milestone in Wallem's development as we execute upon our strategy to provide more offerings closer to where customers operate and want to do business," said Simon Doughty, Wallem's Group Managing Director. "Deepak Honawar's leadership and experience make him well-suited to run Wallem's first hub of expertise outside of Hong Kong and positions us well for future growth."

In connection with Wallem's expertise hub approach, the Group is announcing four additional appointments:
Frankie Tan, General Manager, will assume the leadership role of Wallem Shipping Singapore. Frankie has led the Singapore Agency team since October 2012 and will support Ashley Mawby (Managing Director, Wallem Ship Agencies) in helping Wallem Ship Agencies to widen its client base in Singapore and within the Southeast Asia region.

Agnes Yue will assume the role of Singapore Wallem Financial Controller. Agnes, who joined Wallem in 2006, has been a pillar of stability and has now been promoted to the Singapore Wallem Group team.

Jamie Wrightson is promoted to the role of Regional Sales Manager Singapore. Jamie joined the Wallem Shanghai team in 2009 as Commercial Manager for China and has helped to build and widen the company's relationships with key overseas clients with a China presence. In this new role, he is tasked with driving a Group and solutions-based approach to winning new business. He will work closely with Nigel Moore (General Manager, Business Development) and will sit in the Singapore Wallem Group team.

Praveen Shukla, will now serve as Fleet Manager for Wallem Ship Management Singapore. Praveen joined Wallem in 2007 and in his new role, will lead the operations and development of Wallem Ship Management Singapore fleet.

Each of these key appointments will report directly to Deepak Honawar and will continue to report functionally to the existing Managing Directors and Financial Controllers of Wallem Ship Management and Wallem Ship Agencies in Hong Kong.

"Wallem has had a presence in Singapore for more than 50 years. With our ship agency business, which is very well-established in this market, and our NW Shipmanagement joint venture, we offer a full range of services to existing and potential clients in Singapore and Southeast Asia," said Deepak Honawar.

Singapore was selected as Wallem's first expertise hub for its strategic location, which provides access to clients with diverse maritime needs and serves as a cross-road for the north/south and east/west trades in the Asia.

AIDA calls at Lloyd Werft for the first time

"She’s an eye-catching ship but not a big job," says Rüdiger Pallentin. That however will not be the most important thing for the Member of the Executive Board of Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven AG when the 69,203 GT cruise liner AIDAbella arrives in the Kaiserhafen on April 2nd to spend nine days in the big Kaiser Dock. It will be the first time that a ship belonging to the big AIDA fleet has called at Lloyd Werft for technical work. And for Pallentin that’s what counts most in order to illustrate the wider spectrum of capabilities now available to the yard in the wake of yard restructuring. Just a few metres away from where the cruise ship will dock the drilling platform supply vessel Island Centurion has been docked for several months for conversion up to August into a highly specialised well service vessel for oil and gas reserves in deep North Sea waters. For Rüdiger Pallentin the two vessels, taken together, demonstrate the wide breadth of work which the future Lloyd Werft will be in a position to cope with.

AIDAbella, 251.5 metres long, 32.2 metres wide and carrying more than 2,000 passengers, is one of the biggest luxury cruise liners in the AIDA fleet; the 93 metre long and 20 metre wide Island Centurion on the other hand looks, at least from the outside, like any other ordinary drilling platform supply ship. Island Centurion however embodies future potential on which Rüdiger Pallentin is pinning his hopes. "This job demands all our know-how, experience, flexibility and engineering knowledge," he says. "It will be a complicated conversion into a specialised vessel of the highest quality – just the kind of job we like and one which will demonstrate our capabilities," he adds.

Also still part of Lloyd Werft’s portfolio in future, however, is the repair, maintenance, conversion and completion of cruise liners. It is in this sector especially that the yard has earned its outstanding reputation internationally over nearly 40 years and there are no plans to change this in future. "AIDA Cruises is a new customer for us and it does not matter how big the job is," says Rüdiger Pallentin. After all the other nine cruise liners belonging to AIDA are also of a size which can be handled by Lloyd Werft.

The first three smaller ships were built in Turku and Wismar while all seven AIDA liners built from 2007 onwards were built at Meyer Werft in Papenburg. AIDAbella - built in 2008 and a sister ship to AIDAdiva and AIDAluna – is coming to Lloyd Werft as the third of that Meyer series for a range of diverse work. It will include hull conservation, tank cleaning, crankshaft and rudder work, gangway weight tests and valve maintenance. The yard has just nine days before AIDAbella leave for her next cruise on April 11th.

AIDA Cruises is a subsidiary of Carnival Cruises, for which owner Lloyd Werft has already repaired Queen Victoria, and AIDAbella will not be the only cruise liner to call at the shipyard this year. That’s because despite the re-orientation of shipbuilding in Bremerhaven’s Kaiserhafen, Lloyd Werft’s main activities have changed little. Still the centre of attention are passenger ships, ferries and conversion and newbuilding of ships and specialised offshore vessels. "We continue to focus on our strong points," stresses Rüdiger Pallentin.

With its partners in German Dry Docks GmbH & Co. KG – an amalgamation of former Lloyd Werft subsidiary Rickmers Lloyd and the shipbuilding sector of Motorenwerke Bremerhaven – Lloyd Werft can now operate on the international market with four floating docks and two dry docks. "This is a very clear improvement in our technical potential and above all an important structural improvement in the acquisition of orders," says a delighted Pallentin. For him this fusion of technical capabilities is "an invaluable advantage over earlier times and a chance which we would often have been happy to have in the past."

Bolidt supplies 16,500sqm of decking material to Norwegian Breakaway

Norwegian Breakaway, the largest ship ever constructed in Germany, floated out of Meyer Werft’s covered building dock II at the end of February. The luxury cruise ship will undertake sea trials before her delivery to the owner and passage to her home port of New York by May 7th, 2013.

The build project represented Bolidt’s highest profile decking commitment for a maritime customer through 2012, with 16,500sqm of surfacing materials delivered. This year, deliveries of Bolideck® 525 and Bolideck® Future Teak have already started for sister ship Norwegian Getaway, which is due delivery in 2014. 

The 4,000-passenger, 146,000gt vessels are a new class of cruise ships for NCL. Their design will be echoed on the even larger, 164,000gt Norwegian Breakaway Plus, due from Meyer Werft in October 2015.

For Bolidt, these projects consolidate the close collaboration with owner NCL and builder Meyer Werft. However, they have also involved working at a detailed level with Tillberg Design and SMC Design to deliver synthetic floor and deck surfaces in subtle as well as functional shades.

The variety of colour and patterns available mean that Bolidt materials are making a key contribution to setting specific moods in themed areas onboard. Bolideck® Future Teak, for example, is playing a significant role in mood-setting that is line with the ship’s ‘New York’ theme. It is an integral part of ‘The Waterfront’ on Deck 8, NCL’s unique oceanfront boulevard concept lined with shops, restaurants and bars. Here, the flooring material has been chosen for its realistic rendition of boardwalk planking, but has also been specified in tones subtle enough not to overpower walkway furnishing.

Elsewhere, skid-resistant Bolideck® 525 has been delivered in subdued tones to offer relaxation zones in otherwise bustling areas. The idea is to create a calm ambience in some zones, even though there is no physical separation between activities. Bolidt has also created a black and silver glittered floor to enhance the ambience in the ‘Bliss’ nightclub.

Wärtsilä signs five year Viking Grace maintenance agreement

Wärtsilä, the Finnish solutions and services provider to the marine industry, says it has signed a five year maintenance agreement with Finnish ship owner, Viking Line. The agreement, which became effective from March 1, is for maintaining and servicing the recently launched 'Viking Grace', the largest passenger ferry ever to operate on liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel.

The agreement covers the four Wärtsilä 50DF dual-fuel main engines, as well as the Wärtsilä LNGPac gas system's safety valves. Under the terms of the contract, Wärtsilä will provide a broad range of services including engine maintenance planning, maintenance work, condition monitoring, spare parts supply, technical support, and workshop services. The overall target is to extend the intervals between maintenance, to optimize the logistics for spare part deliveries, and to ensure optimal operating efficiency and fuel consumption, thereby lowering operating costs.

"Viking Line has enjoyed an excellent relationship with Wärtsilä, and this has led to deep cooperation between both parties in finalising this agreement. The maintenance agreement  provides predictability in maintenance issues, and through extending maintenance intervals, we can lower operating costs and optimize the lifecycle efficiency of Viking Grace," says Tony Öhman, Senior Vice President, Marine Operations & Newbuilding, Viking Line Abp.

The 'Viking Grace' operates a regular timetable schedule in the Baltic Sea between Turku in Finland and Stockholm, Sweden. It is designed to carry cars, trucks and road trailers, as well as 2,800 passengers and 200 crew members. By operating on LNG fuelled Wärtsilä DF engines, the vessel can sail without restrictions in Sulphur Emissions Control Areas (SECAs) and upcoming Nitrogen Emissions Control Areas (NECAs). Thanks to Wärtsilä's dual-fuel technology, the 'Viking Grace' meets and even exceeds the most stringent current and anticipated IMO and EU environmental regulations for maritime applications.

Jotun launches marine coating based on epoxy-polysiloxane technology

Recognised as the industry’s market leader in antifoulings, Jotun is pleased to announce the launch of SeaLion Resilient, a high performance marine coating based on epoxy-polysiloxane technology.

Following extensive research and testing, Jotun has introduced the industry’s first anti-fouling coating that includes epoxy-polysiloxane, a compound of resins and hardeners that provides highly resilient hull protection. When combined with Jotun’s proven Fouling Release Coatings (FRC) technology, the epoxy-polysiloxane in SeaLion Resilient prevents settling of organisms on the hull and produces a glossy, smooth surface optimised for owners seeking to reduce costs related to dry-docking and maintenance.

SeaLion Resilient has been specifically formulated for owners and managers seeking improved maintenance and docking efficiency. The properties of SeaLion Resilient significantly reduce the risk of mechanical damage and maintain hull condition throughout the service period. By simplifying maintenance and reducing need for repair, SeaLion Resilient can contribute to a significant reduction in off-hire time and docking and labour costs, while keeping paint consumption to a minimum.

In addition to the strong coating features reducing mechanical damage, SeaLion Resilient resists fouling and provides a smooth surface that decreases drag and hence effecting carbon emissions by savings in fuel consumption. Requiring only two coats, Sea Lion Resilient is easy to apply and cuts time spent in dock, resulting in significant savings related to maintenance and repair.

Consistent with Jotun’s sustainability programme, (Jotun GreenSteps), SeaLion Resilient is a biocide-free coating and has low VOC emissions, making it a sustainable coating solution. According to Jorunn Saetnoe, Product Manager Antifouling , the formal launch of Sea Lion Resilient will take place at the Miami Cruise Shipping Exhibition (March 11-14).  “We are confident that cruise ship owners will recognise the value of using a product that combines a glossy appearance with anti-abrasive qualities that effectively prevent most types of mechanical damage,” she says. 

“And for owners operating Caribbean cruises, where warm and shallow waters contribute to rapid fouling, Sea Lion Resilient helps reduce costs related to underwater cleaning and cuts the risk of transferring of invasive species to highly regulated areas.”