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Minerva's 83 day refit starts at Lloyd Werft

Lloyd Weft Bremerhaven says it has started work on the 12,499 gross ton Minerva, which is operated by All Leisure group unit Swan Hellenic on long term bareboat charter from Arctica Adventure & Cruise Shipping Ltd. The work will take 83 days and the ship is due to re-enter service on 27 February next year.

A total of 150 cabin bathrooms will be renovated and six cabins on deck 5 will give way to an enlarged beauty centre and fitness area. Deck 8 will be extended to provide more outer deck space and an observation lounge will be built on the uppermost passenger deck. Twenty suites  a further 12 cabins on deck 9 will be fitted with balconies.

Minerva was built in 1996 at T. Marriotti in Genoa and Swan Hellenic operates the ship on worldwide itineraries that focus heavily on the destinations visited. Many excursions are included in the cruise fare and the company frequently has high profile guest speakers to talk about interests relevant to the area where the ship is sailing. Swan Hellenic mainly caters for the UK market.


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