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Indigenous leaders call Carnival to stop using HFO in Arctic

A delegation of Arctic indigenous leaders and marine and environmental experts delivered a petition signed by 104,000 people from countries across Europe and North America, to Carnival Corporation & plc at its UK headquarters in Southampton, demanding that it cease burning heavy fuel oil (HFO) in the Arctic and Subarctic, the campaign organisers said in a statement.

At the International Maritime Organization headquarters in London, a gathering of the Marine Environment Protection Committee, MEPC73, will this week consider steps towards banning the use and carriage of heavy fuel oil in Arctic waters.

“Carnival claims that sustainability and human rights are core company values, but it cannot be an environmental leader while burning one of the dirtiest fossil fuels in the pristine Arctic. We are asking Carnival to step up to meet its own higher standards, respect the express will of Arctic peoples, and end its use of heavy fuel oil in this fragile and imperilled region,” said Kendra Ulrich, Senior Shipping Campaigner for

“Carnival can become an industry leader by making the move sooner than international regulations would require,” he pointed out.

“I need to reach you. We have to save the ocean. My people and my food are important. There are over 13,000 of us in eight communities, with a 90,000-mile jurisdiction. I need everyone’s help to make sure it’s safe. Don’t save money using dirty oil. I need to stay alive," said George Edwardson, President of the Iñupiat community of the Arctic Slope and Board Member for Inuit Circumpolar Council – Alaska.

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