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Seabourn to offer new outdoor dining concept

  • Written by Teijo Niemelä
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Seabourn has a new dining experience for guests to savor in the open sea air. Introducing Earth & Ocean at The Patio, an a la carte dinner venue developed by consulting Chef Anton Egger to entice guests with candlelight seating and a sophisticated menu celebrating flavors rooted in authentic local favorite foods from around the world. Set to debut with the launch of the line’s newest ship, Seabourn Ovation, in May 2018, the new poolside al fresco culinary option will be offered during dinner service and will be fleetwide by spring 2019.

“'Earth & Ocean at The Patio continues the evolution of dining experiences across the Seabourn fleet, offering guests a culinary voyage to far-flung regions of the world served in a remarkably welcoming and relaxing open-air space,” said Richard Meadows, president of Seabourn. “The new concept, which has some really unique service elements, will be one of many highlights for guests to savor with the launch of Seabourn Ovation, and we look forward to expanding it to all of our ships in the year ahead.”

Egger has worked with Seabourn on numerous culinary projects, with Earth & Ocean at The Patio as the latest. He developed the concept, creating new recipes, table settings, and background music, and worked closely with Corporate Chef Franck Salein, who assisted on various aspects of the new venue.

Diners at Earth & Ocean at The Patio can look forward to a distinctive dining experience unlike any other on board, with an imaginative array of fresh, inventive dishes from around the world served in a relaxed setting under the stars illuminated with help of fading sunlight and soothing moonlight. The food will be complex yet genuine, rooted in favorite tastes from many regions around the world and served with the flawless hospitality for which Seabourn is so admired.

The Patio will continue to offer its regular poolside lunch service, featuring salads, soups, grilled specialties, and a selection of gourmet pizzas in the afternoon. Guests can also enjoy a signature Napa burger developed by culinary partner Chef Thomas Keller, as well as an artisanal hotdog dubbed the Yountwurst, named for the hometown of The French Laundry, Ad Hoc, and the original Bouchon and Bouchon Bakery.

“What is familiar to some Seabourn guests will be a completely new experience to others,” noted Egger, who, like many culinary talents, draws ideas and innovations from his travels. After getting his start in Austria, he staged in France and Switzerland, and then continued to travel and work across the globe, taking inspiration from the many culinary rich regions he visited, including Asia, India, the Caribbean and South America, the U.S., South Africa and more.

Guests arriving at Earth & Ocean at The Patio may be welcomed with items like smoked bacon grissini and house-made artisanal country bread. Other dishes will be served in simple and memorable ways, such as in still-sizzling long-handled black iron skillets, or ceramic Moroccan tagines covered to hold in moisture and smoke to produce succulent, full-flavored results. The restaurant’s menus will change daily, including a different dish cooked in a tagine each night.

There will be more cooking methods and innovative presentations including salads and tasty dishes; meat brochettes quick-fired or grilled; beef brisket slow-cooked or braised; and traditional Chinese-style filled bao buns. The venue will also offer a different farmer’s-style finishing course each evening, such as shareable oven-baked camembert or brie accompanied by a pot of honey pommery mustard and toasted rustic bread. Desserts of similarly shareable sweet temptations such as oven-baked peaches or slow-roasted pineapples served with house-made gelato will also be featured.

The entire menu will be served with distinctive table settings created in collaboration with ceramic artist Wynne Noble of Noble Plateware in New York and fashioned in the soothing colors of our earth and oceans.

Seabourn will continue to reveal updates about Seabourn Ovation via the dedicated microsite: Alive with imagery, details and news of the ship’s continuing progress, including “sunsets until launch,” the microsite offers an inside look at the excitement of the upcoming launch, with additional details, news and images revealed on an ongoing basis.

Viking to offer ocean and river combination cruises in 2019

  • Written by Teijo Niemelä
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Viking has announced its 2019 Ocean & River Voyages, which provide guests the unique opportunity to explore Europe’s rivers on a Viking Longship before setting sail to Scandinavia on one of Viking’s ocean ships. Debuting in May 2019, the Grand European & Viking Fjords itinerary will sail Budapest to Bergen, combining Viking’s popular 15-day Grand European Tour cruise on the Rhine and Danube Rivers between Budapest and Amsterdam – with the 8-day Viking Shores & Fjords ocean itinerary, which sails the North Sea, between Amsterdam and Bergen. Viking will also offer additional departures in 2019 of the 15-day Rhine & Viking Shores & Fjords combination itinerary, which debuts in June 2018 and will sail between Basel and Bergen.

“Our guests are experienced travelers who appreciate immersive cultural experiences, while also exploring the world in comfort,” said Torstein Hagen, Chairman of Viking. “Only Viking can provide a destination-focused voyage that marries the river and sea into a single, unified journey. With one flight, our guests can experience both of our award-winning cruise products, making it even easier for them to explore the world.”

Ocean & River Voyages

Starting in June 2018, Viking’s first two combination cruises will set sail, allowing guests to explore even more throughout Europe with rich cultural experiences in each port of call. With the new Ocean & River Voyages, guests can experience sailing through the heart of Europe on an award-winning 190-guest Viking Longship, as well as sailing the high seas on one of Viking’s award-winning 930-guest ocean ships. Full details on the new 2019 Ocean & River Voyages can be found on Viking’s website here and highlights include:

– Grand European & Viking Fjords – (Budapest – Bergen; May 26, 2019; June 2, 2019) – This 22-day itinerary brings guests to six countries and 19 ports of call. From the riches of Budapest to the pristine shores of Norway, guests will sail the Danube River into Austria’s vineyard-laden Wachau Valley and pause to explore Germany’s historic castles along the Rhine River. In Amsterdam, guests will experience Holland’s famous windmills before boarding one of Viking’s 930-guest ocean ships and sailing north, calling on multiple ports in Norway, from cosmopolitan Stavanger to breathtakingly scenic Flåm. Finally, disembark in the historic fishing village of Bergen, home to the iconic, colorful 18th-century wooden row houses and the Bryggen wharf, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This itinerary is also available in the reverse direction. Inclusive pricing starts at $8,748 per person.

– Rhine & Viking Shores & Fjords – (Basel – Bergen; June 30, 2018; June 2, 2019) – Guests will experience highlights of the Rhine River and discover Nordic wonders by sea on this 15-day itinerary, exploring six countries and 15 ports. From artistic Basel to Germany’s storied Black Forest and Cologne’s iconic Cathedral, guests will immerse themselves in the experience of each city and discover its rich culture first-hand. In Amsterdam, guests will be transferred directly to one of Viking’s 930-guest ocean ships and will continue their journey in the North Sea to Skagen, Denmark, before sailing through Norway’s dramatic fjords and disembarking in Bergen, a city with deep Viking roots. This itinerary is also available in the reverse direction. Inclusive pricing starts at $6,348 per person.

Billion Asians to reach middle class status by 2030, Genting Hong Kong says

  • Written by Kari Reinikainen
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Asia is the world’s largest and fastest growing outbound market, in particular Chinese outbound tourists. About a billion people in Asia will reach middle-class status by 2030 and they have the disposable income to travel and cruise, Genting Hong Kong, the listed cruise shipping and hotels griup, said in a statement.

“In addition to boarding from nearby homeports, Asians who are traveling to other regions such as Australia/New Zealand, Europe and the Americas will increasingly consider cruising as the more comfortable and convenient alternative to a land vacation,” the company said.

As compared with other nations such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy who have multiple global cruise brands, Genting Hong Kong’s premium market Dream Cruises band’s mission is to become “Asia’s Global Cruise Line”, offering not only cruises in Asia but in other global regions such as Australia, Europe and the United States. These global itineraries mean advanced bookings and payments as passengers have to book flights to travel to those destinations.


Genting Hong Kong’s Global class to capitalise on Asians’ early adoption of AI and biometrics

  • Written by Kari Reinikainen
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Genting Hong Kong, the listed parent of Dream Cruises, Star Cruises and Crystal Cruises, says the 204,000 gross ton Global class ships of its Dream Cruise brand will capitalise on Asians’ early adoption of IT.

“Whilst the ships are similar in size to the latest generation of ships of other cruise lines, the Global Class ships will incorporate Asia’s early adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and biometrics such as facial recognition &voice activation, robotics, and other digital advancements,” Genting Hong Kong said in its 2017 result release..

The ships will also feature the world’s first Cineplex and theme park with roller coaster, Asian and Western spa facilities, multiple authentic Asian dining experiences, including fast-casual food alternatives, and affordable shopping facilities in addition to luxury retail boutiques.

They are designed with spacious standard staterooms, which are larger than other cruise lines and can accommodate 2, 3 or 4 passengers with a king bed and king sofa bed. Split (two) bathrooms are convenient as two persons can be using them at the same time.

For Asians who usually travel with families, the ability to offer free fares for the third and fourth passengers in the same cabin during the low season will be a great competitive advantage and the ability to price full fares for four passengers during the peak season will significantly improve yields. In order to cater for the peak season, sufficient lifeboats are provided for a peak capacity of 9,500 passengers. 8 sets of escalators will connect public areas for efficient traffic flow.

Columbia Cruise Services signs management contract with One Ocean Expeditions

  • Written by Teijo Niemelä
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The Canadian expedition cruise vessel operator One Ocean Expeditions (OOE), a leading Arctic and Antarctic expedition expert, appointed Columbia Cruise Services (CCS) as Managers for their RCGS Resolute. As of October 2018, CCS will provide Full Management services on-board, signing responsible for the Deck, Engine and the Hotel Operations.

“We’ve done a great deal of homework in selecting a manager for the RCGS Resolute project. Ultimately, we settled on Columbia Cruise Services for their attention to detail and clear desire to be alongside with us every step of the way in trying to develop RCGS Resolute as a truly unique, high quality expedition cruise offering,” states One Ocean Expeditions Managing Director Andrew Prossin. “The merger of philosophy, and experience from both CCS and OOE is going to create something truly special – they’ve been equally determined as us to deliver on quality and integrity of our established brand,” Prossin continues.

The RCGS Resolute, named after the HMS Resolute, a British Royal Navy Arctic exploration vessel, as well as the Inuit town of Resolute in Canada’s Nunavut Territory, will arrive in Sydney, NS in October 2018 for its inaugural OOE polar voyage. The ship also carries the name of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS).

CCS is proud to work with OOE. Managing Director Olaf Groeger adds “OOE, being true expedition experts, deliver extraordinary experiences to their clients primarily in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. We are proud to have been trusted with the full management of this prestigious project and are very happy to be part of the OOE adventure.”