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Largest ever FCCA Trade Show opens in San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Written by Teijo Niemelä
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Tuesday night marked the opening of the largest ever FCCA Trade Show, taking place in San Juan, Puerto Rico in conjunction with the FCCA Conference. Over 100 companies are represented on the trade show floor, which will see exposure from the prestigious audience of cruise line decision makers and prominent professionals throughout the industry and cruise destinations' private and public sectors.

The FCCA Trade Show is specialized by offering publicity from this exclusive crowd in a setting focused on doing business with the cruise industry, where the nearly 100 cruise executives, presidents and CEOs in attendance are interested in taking on new business, fostering existing business and grant insight on what the lines look for in terms of products, shore excursions, port operations and destination development/infrastructure.

This focus leads to a great diversity of trade show exhibits, from ATV and zip line tours and customized products, like t-shirts and compact knapsacks, to countries' tourism departments and companies like Aon Risk Management. Anyone doing business or wanting to do business with the cruise industry has a chance of targeting some of the most important decision makers in the industry.

One of the new features-specialized pavilions-were designed for destinations to  come together as one entity to display their numerous destination products, along with larger companies that wanted increased prominence and have led to this being the largest FCCA Trade Show yet.

Former Thomson Cruises head David Selby sets up Travelyields

  • Written by Kari Reinikainen
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David Selby, who until recently headed Thomson Cruises in the UK, has set up a new company called Travelyields. The company specialises in consultancy on strategic and commercial development plus product innovation and delivery and staff motivation. Selby has previously worked within Yield Management, Planning, Development and Marketing and Event Management environments.

G Adventures to introduce quad beds on Expedition

  • Written by Kari Reinikainen
  • Category: More News
Following recent reports that the price of cruising in the Antarctic is set to rise, adventure travel specialist G Adventures has announced the introduction of quad berths onboard the M/S Expedition.
"The quad berth cabins will be available for the 2012 Arctic and Antarctic season providing more capacity for travellers onboard; welcome news at a time when industry prices are set to rise, due to the recent introduction of new fuel regulations banning the use of heavy oil in this region," the company said in a statement.
G Adventures predicts that the M/S Expedition will carry a record breaking number of travellers during the 2012/2013 Arctic and Antarctic season, which will no doubt be boosted by the new BBC series, Frozen Planet, set to hit our screens at the end of October 2011. “We will be able to carry more passengers than ever before at extremely competitive rates and the long-awaited Frozen Planet series will no doubt capture the hearts of UK travellers resulting in a spike in interest to these regions,” says Michael Edwards, General Manager EMEA for G Adventures.








UPDATE - Gemini, Ocean Pearl manager says charters plane to repatriate crews

  • Written by Kari Reinikainen
  • Category: More News
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International Shipping Partners (ISP), the Miami based technical manager of Gemini and Ocean pearl that had been on charter to the collapsed Spanish operator Hppy Cruise, says it has chartered a plane to repatriate crews of the two ships.

“I can inform you that the Gemini and the Ocean Prearl are both alongside in Gibraltar. All crewmembers are being treated well, and there is more than sufficient food onboard. There are no health issues onboard,” Nils-Erik Lund, managing director of ISP told Cruise Business Online in an email. He referred to an earlier report from Peruvian sources.

“Happy Cruises has unexpectedly cancelled their cruises, and ISP as technical managers of the vessels, have had to take care of the hotel crew. The owner of the vessels, are paying the hotel crew the salaries they are owed. A number of crew has been repatriated, and it is expected that by Thursday of this week, all 560 hotel crew members have been paid and repatriated,” Lund continued.

“The travel arrangements have been complicated due to the many nationalities, and the different visa requirements. Due to this we have chartered to Airbus 320 plans to transport the majority of the crew from Gibraltar to London, and we have then arranged tickets from London to the crewmembers home countries,” he said.

UPDATE – Peruvian crew member on Gemini reported to say crew unpaid

  • Category: More News

The fallout from the demise of Happy Cruises continues. On Thursday, 29 September 2011, the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio reported that a Peruvian crew member named Rooy Eduardo Deceno Veláquez claimed to have been detained together with 300 others by the cruise operator for six days onboard Gemini near the Strait of Gibraltar.

Deceno emailed El Comercio in Peru to say that after disembarking all the passengers in Málaga on the previous Saturday, the vessel suddenly changed course and sailed towards Barcelona. They were prevented from leaving the ship. Later they were told that the ship was heading for Gibraltar.

According to Deceno, the ship is in the midst of changing ownership and no one was willing to pay the crew’s salaries. They had not been paid for four months. Deceno also left an audio message on CNN’s iReport to this effect and pleaded for help.  “We are begging you, help us. I’m waiting for your answer. We’ll be in Gibraltar on Thursday, please come, or maybe they are still deceiving us. We don’t know until when. There are sick people onboard and they don’t want to do anything.” [Courtesy of CNN iReport]

Deceno worked in the ship’s restaurant. He is 32 years old and comes form Trujillo. It was also reported that another crewmember wrote to his sister, stating, among others, that the crew had not been fed and there had been a big brawl onboard. Yesterday, El Comercio reported that the Peruvian Foreign Ministry had stated there were 14 Peruvians working onboard Gemini and they were being treated well. The Honorary Peruvian Consul in Málaga, Alfonso Galán, received communication from another Peruvian crewmember, Marco Antonio Maestre Dupeyrat, stating that the crewmembers were all in good health and there was sufficient provision onboard.

El Comercio also reported that there were 18 Peruvian crewmembers onboard Happy Cruises’ other vessel, Ocean Pearl. They did not want to leave the ship for fear that they might not be paid. There are Peruvian crewmembers on Happy Dolphin in the same situation

 Cruise Business Online has asked the manager of Gemini for a comment, which will posted as Update as soon as one has been received. 


Reported by Alan Lam

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