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CLIA launches safety review

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA ) says it will launch an operational safety review in the wake of Costa Concordia's grounding on 13 January on the west coast of Italy.

"In response to the Concordia incident and as part of the industry’s continuous efforts to review and improve safety measures, the Cruise Lines International Association, Inc. (CLIA), speaking on behalf of the global cruise lines industry, today announced the launch of a Cruise Industry Operational Safety Review.  The Review will include a comprehensive assessment of the critical human factors and operational aspects of maritime safety.   As best practices are identified, they will be shared among CLIA members and any appropriate recommendations will be shared with the IMO.  Recommendations will be made on an ongoing basis," the organisation said in a statement.

Key components of the Review include:

An internal review by CLIA members of their own operational safety practices and procedures concerning issues of navigation, evacuation, emergency training, and related practices and procedures. 

Consultation with independent external experts.

Identification and sharing of industry best practices and policies, as well as possible recommendations to the IMO for substantive regulatory changes to further improve the industry’s operational safety.

Collaboration with the IMO, governments and regulatory bodies to implement any necessary regulatory changes. 

"While the cruise industry has an outstanding safety record, CLIA is fully committed to understanding the factors that contributed to the Concordia incident and is proactively responding to all maritime safety issues.  The Cruise Industry Operational Safety Review will enable the industry to do so in a meaningful and expedited manner," CLIA said.


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