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Cable and pipe transits are important part of fire protection - Roxtec

Cable and pipe transits are just as important as fire doors, according to Roxtec, the Swedish sealing specialist.

Based on his vast experience from onboard inspections, senior inspector Per Törnström of Roxtec has an urgent message to owners and builders of marine and offshore units:

“Cable and pipe seals are vital for the passive fire protection. If they are not correctly installed, a fire can spread and water flood between compartments.Your assets are unnecessarily put at risk.”

He says that ship owners tend to think they have their cable and pipe penetrations under control. But after years of changes and upgrades, this is rarely the case. Forgetting to seal properly around cables or pipes after maintenance is like leaving a fire rated door wide open. Per Törnström recommends complete transit inspections on new-builds as well as refitted units:

“Safety products, such as fire rated doors, are inspected and documented. Why not the transits?”

Sharing safety insights

Per Törnström has seen too many poorly installed cable and pipe penetration seals during the years and he is convinced about the importance of increasing awareness. Therefore, he participates as sealing expert in the webinar ”How to secure your transits”, presented 10:00-10:45 CET on March 12, 2019. Anyone working with safety in marine environments should sign-up:



Norsepower wins DNV GL type approval for rotor sail

Norsepower Oy Ltd., the Finnish clean technology and engineering company pioneering modern auxiliary wind propulsion for the global maritime industry, today announced that its innovative Rotor Sail Solution has received the first-ever type approval design certificate granted to an auxiliary wind propulsion system onboard a commercial ship, the company said in a statement.

“The type approval from leading ship classification society DNV GL was issued in February 2019 after a design assessment of Norsepower’s 30-metres by 5-metre Rotor Sail, two of which have been installed onboard the Maersk Pelican LR2 tanker. The landmark certification means that vessels operating Norsepower’s Rotor Sail Solution are technically capable of safely navigating ‘all operational and environmental situations,” Norsepower said.

In passenger shipping, a unit has been retrofitted on the 57,600 gross ton cruise ferry Viking Grace and two will be installed on the 63,000 gross ton newbuilding Viking Line has on order in China.

Norsepower’s Rotor Sail Solution is a proven, low-maintenance, easy to use, and reliable fuel-saving technology, supporting the decarbonisation of the shipping industry. It has already been installed on three vessels and has achieved over 35,000 hours in operation, saving more than 4,500 tonnes of CO2 in the process. The solution has delivered independently verified fuel savings with potential of up to 20%.

Commenting on the type approval, Norsepower CEO Tuomas Riski said: “We are very proud to be the first company to have type approval granted to an auxiliary wind propulsion system onboard a commercial ship. Having a type approval design certificate is very important to us. Clearly, it provides shipowners, operators, and charterers with a level of assurance when investing in the Rotor Sail Solution, but in the long term, it removes yet another hurdle to the realisation of renewable wind energy propulsion systems at a scale that supports shipping’s transformation to a low carbon transport sector.”

Geir Dugstad, Director of Ship Classification and Technical Director at DNV GL, added: “To help reduce shipping’s environmental impact we will need many different fuel and technology options, which is why we were very pleased that Norsepower asked us to be part of this innovative wind propulsion project.”

Norsepower is also proud to announce that in February 2019 it was crowned the winner of the 2018 International Quality Innovation Award, in recognition of its Rotor Sail Solution technology’s ability to demonstrate positive environmental contributions for the global maritime community. Norsepower CEO Tuomas Riski described the award as a “prestigious accolade” that Norsepower’s team were humbled to receive.




Rolls-Royce Power Systems honours its suppliers

Rolls-Royce Power Systems is keen to emphasize the importance of close supplier partnerships, which are indispensable to expand the international production network for its MTU and MTU Onsite Energy products. Hence its top 13 suppliers worldwide were recently singled out for accolades at the Supplier Symposium in Friedrichshafen in Germany.

 “Top three” suppliers of finished parts from the regions Europe, Asia and America as well as the best suppliers of raw components worldwide were each awarded. An innovation category with the winner Akasol was also awarded. A German manufacturer of high-performance batteries with whom the company signed a joint development contract in 2018 on the use of lithium-ion batteries in sea vessels and rail vehicles.

Spark plug supplier Federal Mogul also picked up gold, and was especially commended for its outstanding technological contributions to MTU gas engines. Another golden trophy winner was Qingdao GBS Machinery in China, supplier of cast iron components, who demonstrated an excellent capacity to satisfy special customer requirements at short notice. Top of the league were also Winsert Inc. from the US, manufacturer of valve seat inserts, and Fronberg Guss GmbH, German supplier of large castings. These two businesses also shared the special glory of posting zero defects on parts supplied.

“We want to put Rolls-Royce Power Systems on a digital footing, keeping ahead of the game in electrification, activating talents, and creating a smartly balanced product portfolio. In all this, we also benefit from the mutual expertise and innovative input between suppliers and companies”, explained Andreas Schell, CEO of Rolls-Royce Power Systems.

As it evolves into an integrated solutions provider, Rolls-Royce Power Systems is starting to operate well outside the realm of its traditional core business, reaching new markets worldwide. Coupled with the ability to react flexibly to market fluctuations, the new strategy requires a solid and internationally supply chain.

“Our goal is to develop and improve in tandem with our suppliers. The basis for this is our proactive partnership,” explained Erik Manning, head of Operations and Procurement, at the Supplier Symposium.






Halton to deliver design hoods for Virgin's Scarlet Lady

Halton will expand its supply of indoor air solutions from cruise ship cabins and galleys to special solutions for ship restaurants. The company will supply a total of 31 made-to-order custom-designed energy efficient hoods – a first of its kind on the market.

The innovative design is specially developed for Geonbae, Virgin Voyages' "Korean BBQ" restaurant. The custom hoods were developed and tested in collaboration with Virgin Voyages and shipbuilder Fincantieri over the course of two years at the R&D centre of Halton's factory in Germany.

In addition to the specially designed hoods, Halton will provide Virgin Voyages with galley ventilation solutions that are highly efficient, reducing energy consumption by up to 50 percent from traditional systems, and were manufactured in Halton's factory in Lahti, Finland.

Halton was selected to develop this critical new system due to its long-term expertise and ability to develop and deliver demanding solutions designed and tested to suit the client's particular conditions as well as the company's high-performing and efficient technology.

"Halton not only provides top quality products and state-of-the-art technologies, but their team of experts allowed us to challenge the status quo and develop an industry leading custom solution, which will allow us to bring our lively Geonbae restaurant to life while also helping us achieve our goal to incorporate smart technologies across the ship that help us limit our environmental impact," said Frank Weber, Senior Vice President of Hotel operations for Virgin Voyages.

"Our close cooperation with Virgin Voyages has provided us with a truly inspiring opportunity to develop together new visionary solutions drawing on our knowledge of demanding indoor environments and sustainable energy-efficient ventilation. At the same time, we will contribute to the wellbeing and best-in-class cruise experience for the people on board. In all, we are very happy to be in the heart of our mission in this project," said Sami Piirainen, Director of Halton Marine.

Halton's deliveries include

– Specially manufactured round Halton JES hoods, with integrated lighting system for the "Geonbae" Scarlet Lady's Korean BBQ restaurant, designed according to the requirements by Virgin Voyages' architects. The hoods have undergone two years of development and testing at Halton's R&D centre in Germany in collaboration with the Virgin Voyages and Fincantieri. The hoods comply with the USPHS (United States Public Health Service) hygiene requirements.
– Galley hoods featuring Halton's patented Capture Jet technology. The hoods utilize mechanical and UV-C grease filtration.
– M.A.R.V.E.L. automation system that enables on-demand ventilation and energy savings.

Halton began order deliveries for the Scarlet Lady in October 2018 from the Lahti factory. The ship's construction will be completed in early 2020.

Adonis teams up with STAR Information Systems

Two of the most significant players in the software industry for the shipping market announced recently that they enter into close market cooperation. Adonis AS, a specialist in maritime HR and Payroll Systems, and STAR Information Systems, a recognized supplier of maritime administration management systems for the global maritime industry, both operate in the worldwide marketplace, with their headquarters in Norway.

The collaboration involves close integration in the functional area, so that common customers achieve a rationalization gain through the use of shared registers and data. Furthermore, the two companies will closely market each other's solutions to existing and new customers, i.a. by exploiting each other's global office and contact network.

"We are very pleased to offer existing and new customers a fully integrated solution with both Star IPS and the Adonis Human Resource suite," says Sales Director Alfred Risan in STAR Information Systems.

"We are seeing a steadily growing demand in the market for fully integrated systems in these areas, while they at the same time wish to cooperate with specialists within the specific applications. The time is out for systems and suppliers who doesn't support interaction and functional integration. Through our collaboration, we can offer the best of two suppliers, offering fully integrated systems that interact in a way that truly provides a great rationalization benefit for the customer."

"Having a prepared and well running integration in place from the start of a project will lower the CAPEX and significantly improve the cost/benefit factor for a new customer," says Sales Director Per Ove Kviteberg in Adonis.

SIS is a recognized and significant player in its market segmentation and as such a natural choice for a commercial partnership for Adonis. Our two companies have already collaborated on SMM participation and are seeing the fruits of such market cooperation. We clearly see that customers demand more and more integrated solutions from specialized suppliers.

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