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Titanic II project is dead – report

A plan to build Titanic II, a modified replica of the ocean liner Titanic that sank in April 1912 with heavy loss of life, has also died, media reports in Australia say.

"According to a report in The Australian, one worked stated that ship was just a proposal. It’s never been carried out and the project has never launched," the website said, referring to the CSC Jingling shipyard in China, which was planned to build the ship.

The project was a brainchild of Clive Palmer, an Australian businessman. He set up a company called Blue Star Line and first intended to introduce Titanic II in 2016. However, the introduction was later postponed to 2018.

Blue Star Line commissioned Deltamarin, the Finnish consultant naval architects to produce drawings of the planned vessel, in which modern day safety and technical requirements had been taken into account. These resulted in a design with a gross tonnage of about 65,000 compared to 46,329 of the 1912 vessel.

In the autumn of 2013, tank tests were conducted in Germany using a model built on the basis of the design developed by Deltamarin.

Blue Star Line has not commented on the media reports regarding the collapse of the Titanic II project. It last updated its website in May 2014.

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